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Humber recommenced production after World War II with two models, the four-cylinder Hawk and six-cylinder Snipe. The Super Snipe was evolved by
putting the four-liter engine from the prewar Pullman and Imperial models into the Snipe chassis. In 1948, a 3.5-inch wheelbase stretch distinguished the
Super Snipe Mk II. Humber did not produce open models, but a number of chassis were sent to coachbuilders Tickford Ltd. at Newport Pagnell,
Buckinghamshire, for drophead bodies.

Founded as Salmons & Son Ltd. in 1820 by Joseph Salmons, Tickford was originally a carriage-building firm, although the transition to motoring bodies began
early, in 1898. Self-proclaimed "all-weather experts," the company specialized in open styles that could be cozily enclosed for foul weather comfort, a key
element being the patented Tickford gear-drive mechanism for raising the top. The system was activated by inserting a crank into a socket in the side of the
body and simply winding the roof up or down. The Tickford name became a de facto trademark, and was adopted for the company after World War II.

Delivered new to New Zealand, this rare Humber remained there until 2008, when it was exported to Alberta, Canada. While in New Zealand it was the
subject of several magazine articles. It was sold again in March 2009, going to southern California. Prior to leaving New Zealand, it was the subject of an
eight-year restoration. A total rebuild, the renovation comprised complete overhaul of the drive train, interior, and exterior paint and trim.

The Sand Beige body is nicely complimented by a tan Haartz cloth three-position top and tan Connolly leather seating. The brightwork, tastefully understated,
is in excellent condition. The engine runs smoothly, the three speed manual transmission shifts easily, and the car runs down the road silently. The braking
system has been rebuilt and recently serviced, and performs like new.

There were 124 Humber Super Snipe MkII dropheads produced; the registrar of survivors has documented that 28 are presently known extant. Of the 28
known survivors, this is the only one on North American continent that we know of.
Super Snipe
Color - Interior:
Color - Exterior:
Sand Beige
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Coachwork by Tickford Ltd.
Chassis no. 8805020HX0
1 of 124 produced
1 of 28 known survivors
Haartz cloth 3-position top
Connolly leather seating
3-speed manual transmission