Color - Interior:
Code 837 -
Color - Exterior:
Code 914A - Tropic Turquoise
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Oxide Floors w/ Correct Overspray
348 Tri Power Suffix Code FB
Powerglide Automatic Transmission
Power Steering
Manual Drum Brakes
Correct Generator with p/s Pump
Positraction Real
Dual Horns
Electric Wipers
Dual Rear Antennae
"58's real eye opener Chevy!"
1958 Chevy Ad
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Chevrolet began the ascent from its conservative, almost stodgy reputation with the 1955 model year, which it followed up
with the increasingly stylish 1956 and 1957 models. But even then another revolution was taking place inside General
Motors. Chevrolet designer Clare MacKichan and his crew had teamed with Pontiac designers to establish the basic
parameters for the new 1958 A-body platform they would share.

In October 1955 they presented GM Styling Director Harley J. Earl with their first “official” styling drawings, and in May 1956
he approved the basic design. Guided by the “longer, lower, wider” buzz phrase of the time, MacKichan’s stylists created a
visually exciting design with roundly sculpted features, a wraparound windshield and a gracefully flowing roofline.

They also proposed a new, more upscale model, the Impala, to replace the Bel Air at the top of the lineup. The Impala began
its long tenure at the top of Chevrolet’s lineup in 1958 with a one-year-only model described in advertising as having "curves
where before there were lines."
Specs Continued:
AM Pushbutton Radio
Dual Exhaust w/ Correct Mufflers
Power Top
Tinted Windows
Spinner Hubcaps
14" Wide White Wall Tires
Electric Clock
Triple Plated Chrome
Freshly polished Stainless