Color - Interior:
Color - Exterior:
Snowcrest White
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853 Trim Code
936 Paint Code
348ci Engine
Power Steering
Power Brakes
Blue Electric Convertible Top
White Wall Tires
Size 205/75x14 Tires
Power Glide Trans
"Nothing's new like Chevy's new!"
-1959 Chevrolet Impala Ad
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Specs Continued:
Electric Wipers
AM Radio
Dual Horns
Original Style Ignition
Chrome Air Cleaner
Original Style Generator
Crossed Racing Flags Emblems
Front and Rear Armrests
Dual Sliding Sun Visors
Impala Nameplates
Crank-operated Front Vent Windows

The 1959 Chevrolet Impala was redesigned. Sharing bodyshells with lower-end Buicks and Oldsmobiles as well as
with Pontiac, part of a GM economy move, the Chevrolet's wheelbase was 1-1/2 inches longer. Using a new X-frame
chassis, the roof line was three inches lower, bodies were two inches wider, and curb weight increased. Its tailfins
protruded outward, rather than upward. The taillights were a large "teardrop" design at each side, and two
slim-wide nonfunctional front air intake scoops were added just above the grille,

   The Impala became a separate series, adding a four-door hardtop and four-door sedan, to the two-door Sport
Coupe and convertible. Sport Coupes featured a shortened roof line and wrap-over back window. The standard
engine was an I6, while the base V8 was the carryover 283 cu in (4.6 L), at 185 hp (138 kW). Optional were a 283 cu
in with 290 hp (220 kW) and 348 cu in (5.7 L) V8 up to 335 hp (250 kW). Standard were front and rear armrests, an
electric clock, dual sliding sun visors, and crank-operated front vent windows. A contoured hooded instrument panel
held deep-set gauges. A six-way power seat was a new option, as was "Speedminder", for the driver to set a needle at
a specific speed and a buzzer would sound if the pre-set was exceeded.

The Impalas rolled on 119-inch wheelbases and measured 210.9 inches from tip to tail. A convertible with a V-8 on
board weighed in at more than 3,650 lbs, and in 1959 prices started at $2,967.